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Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning | Confined Space Entry | Access Plate Installation |
Fuel Line Plumbing | Tank Installation & Removal | Fuel Transfer | Fuel Testing

Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning
Fuel polishing is a process whereby fuel is moved through our fully-mobile, custom-design, filtration system to remove any sludge, water, algae bug, rust and other contamination it may contain. First, our special tubing system will access the bottom and other hard to reach areas of your tank, where the dirt is mainly collected. Then, our fuel conditioning system will filter and revive your old and stale fuel, giving your engine a better performance, less engine smoke, carbon deposit and preventing injector damage and costly breakdown. Our multiple step filtration system will remove any particulates formed in your fuel, but most importantly MOISTURE, to prevent microbe from continuing to grow. This process involves circulating the fuel through the magnetic conditioner and fine filtering it down to one micron.

Fuel polishing is a long term investment. If you are a “long term” owner, then fuel polishing is for you. Simply stated, if you want your equipment to operate effectively for the long haul, invest in the “stuff” that will keep it in operating condition continuously. Optifuel can provide fuel polishing services on an as needed basis or on a scheduled maintenance contract.

Confined Space Entry
Technology leads the way when it comes to solving the problem of safely and efficiently carrying out the cleaning of vessels and confined space entry. At Optifuel, our depth of knowledge in confined space entry and tank / vessel cleaning remains unsurpassed. We have a permanent workforce, fully trained and skilled in the safe working practices associated with confined space and tank and vessel cleaning. Technical support is provided by our experienced management team. Optifuel has invested heavily in breathing apparatus and equipment to ensure an absolute ‘fail safe’ operational methodology. The integrity of the primary air supply is constantly monitored by the standby man via the purification unit and/or breathing apparatus trolley. In the unlikely event that both of these systems failed the entrant is also equipped with an Escape set to ensure safe exit from the situation. Safety and quality have top priority in everything we do.

Confined Space Entry

Access Plate Installation
Access PlateAccess is one of the most important aspect of the fuel polishing process. When there is limited access to your tank, our skilled technicians can provide and/or install an access or inspection plate to allow for quick and easy fuel servicing. A hole is safely cut in your tank, after which, an access plate is installed with stainless steel hardware, marine-grade aluminium and oil resistant rubber. External and internal gaskets means no messy gasket compound will be required. This installation is designed to allow repeated accesses.

Fuel Line Plumbing
Running fuel line, whether it is for a storage tanks, Fuel Line Plumbingengine supplies or marine docks, must be done with absolute care due to the many spill and other risks involved, which is exactly why availing of our services will work to your advantage. We know how to install fuel lines with ease, and our tools and experience promise nothing less than a secure and efficient fuel line set up. It’s important to note that Optifuel isn’t satisfied simply with having state-of-the-art commercial plumbing equipment. The company also insists on using sophisticated plumbing techniques to match or better the services of other top-quality commercial plumbing.

Fuel Transfer
Our services include all aspects of technical and operational support through the life cycle of any project, often requiring semi-permanent or permanent solutions for diesel fuel transfer. Optifuel systems are equipped with high quality industrial hose products to meet the demanding requirements in a diverse range of industrial applications. A high volume transfer pump gives us the capability of meeting our client’s requirement with respect to pumping, filtration and metering. We can also pump out and safely store your fuel, if needed.

Tank Installation and RemovalTank Installation & Removal
There are literally dozens of configurations of fuel tanks available to fit the needs of different types of building structures. To address the commercial and marine needs of tank removal and installation, Optifuel provides comprehensive and up-to-code services for removal and installation of all types of residential and commercial storage tanks.

You can expect our helpful staff to inform you about the industry requirements and complete the installation/removal process according to all standard regulations.

Fuel Testing
What if contaminated fuel caused massive engine damage and prevented your generator from operating in a critical moment or your vessel stalled in a rough storm? Would this not threaten the safety of your building and/or crew onboard? Fuel testing is a service offered for fuel management solutions, delivery of measurable improvements to risk management, cost and operational efficiency, and compliance with regulatory requirements. A representative sample is collected from your tank and stored in an Optifuel sample bottle and sent to the laboratories for a fuel analysis. Before release, the test results are evaluated by our technical experts who will determine if the fuel has met the required standards and provide you with fuel handling advice for optimal performance.

Fuel testing for clarity and brightness
This is a simple test in which diesel is tested for visual clarity. Visual clarity testing will often reveal particulates such as water, sediment, or microbial growth and residue. Contact us today for a free fuel testing and our technicians will quickly provide you with a diagnose for the quality of your fuel.

Please note that a written report will be provided at the end of each job, describing all the work that has been done and a list of the contamination found in the tank.