Frequently Asked Questions

Why is fuel polishing necessary?
Your diesel engine needs two essential supplies to be reliable: air and clean uncontaminated fuel.  If your fuel has been stored for a period of time longer than a few months without usage, there is a strong likelyhood of contamination.  Stored fuel will deteriorate over time and fuel suppliers only guarantee their products for 30 days.  Fuel polishing will help prevent costly breakdown and damage to your engine by ensuring the removal of any contaminants in your tank.

What kind of system do you operate?

Optifuel_Feb11_133 Our system is a fully-mobile, closed-loop, multi-stage filtration unit. It allows to separate water and heavy sediment from the fuel, access the bottom of the tank and filter the fuel down to two microns through fuel conditioning system to then be sent back to the tank. Our process concentrates on the removal of dirt at the bottom of the tank, in addition to the organic debris formed in the fuel. At the end of the operation, you will obtain a much clearer and brighter diesel that can easily be confirmed with a visual test.

What do you remove from the tank?

We mainly collect sludge water and algae bug. We also find sediment, rust and sometimes even knots and bolts! In excess of 90% of the organic debris are fuel breakdown products.  Residues in tanks are often of aci
dic nature and will peel the bottom of your tank.

How do you access the fuel?Paccessplate
We operate in a very non-invasive way.  The main access is usually the fuel senders or by access points created by removing accessories on the tank.  In the odd case that no access is available, we create an openin g in the tank that we then close up and seal with an access plate.

harbourauthorityboatCan you clean any tank size?
Yes, we can clean tanks ranging from 20 to 30000 gallons. Optifuel operates systems from 5/8 to 1/1/2 inches, allowing to perform fuel polishing services for different volumes and different tanks.

Do you have the ability to come to my tank?

Yes, our system is fully mobile and self-sufficient.  We will go to any tank, any size, anywhere in British Columbia.  We also welcome inquiries from outside BC.